The little yellow house

Written by one of the “Old Timers”

By the fall of 1969, it was evident that the charter members and old timers had transformed New Hope Alano into a successful AA Club with good steady growth. It was time to expand the clubhouse or build a new one. A craftsman, Don Z., designed the original framed building and contacted Crystal State Bank for a construction loan. They made a commitment providing that the existing property, held under a Contract for Deed, could be pledged as collateral. The previous owner of the property would not agree to have the property pledged, causing the bank to withdraw their commitment.

Ken M. then approached Northwestern State Bank in Osseo. The bank president George became a fast friend of New Hope, and presented the idea to the Board of Directors. Through George’s efforts, the bank approved a construction loan to be converted to a first mortgage when the building was completed. They also committed to a second mortgage to be personally guaranteed by the New Hope members.

At the December 9, 1969 General Meeting held at the K of C Hall in Crystal, Don Z. made the following proposal for the New Hope club home: “That the New Hope Alano Group Inc grant permission to the President Bob M. and the Treasurer, Chuck S., to sign a note to borrow from the Northwestern State Bank of Osseo, Minnesota, $30,000 payable in equal monthly payments over a period of 15 years on a first mortgage. Also that the said officers sign a note to borrow $10,000 payable in five years on the second mortgage. Both the first and the second mortgages will have an interest rate of 7%”. The majority of the membership was in attendance and voted unanimously in favor of the above proposal.

In the spring of 1970, construction was in full swing and all the members contributed in some way towards the building of our new clubhouse. As a group, we framed, pounded nails, sheet-rocked, painted, tiled, did plumbing, poured and finished concrete and whatever else we could do to help save cost. It was a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun. This labor of love created an unbelievable fellowship, helping to keep us sober through those early years.

In June 1970 the clubhouse was completed at a cost of $26,348 and was worth an estimated $45,000. On June 17, the first and second mortgage was closed including the payoff of the original property held on Contract for Deed. The second mortgage was personally guaranteed by the following members; Bob B., Betty H., Howard H., Vic K., Cliff J., Ken M., George P., Chuck S., and Don Z.

From June of 1970 to September of 1972 we became settled in our new AA home and New Hope continued to steadily grow. At the September 18 Board of Directors meeting, a motion was made, seconded and carried to have a vote on October 10 for the proposed expansion of New Hope’s clubhouse in the amount of $26,000 – plus or minus. A Board of Directors special meeting was held on October 31, 1972 regarding the new building addition. A new mortgage in the amount of $58,000 was authorized in the name of New Hope Alano, Inc. The mortgage was executed on November 2, 1972.

In early 1973, the original house was demolished and the west wing addition was constructed on its site to form the clubhouse as it stands today (as of this writing…this building no longer exists). The clubhouse has served us well through the years and we all have a right to take pride in our AA club. Our progress to carry the message of AA continues today and can best be seen in the hearts of the men and women who have found “Through New Hope” sobriety, self respect, love for fellow man, compassion, honesty, humility and the spirit of our Higher Power.


Our clubhouse, as we know it today, has changed a lot. The city of New Hope bought the property we owned and tore the Little Yellow House down. There was a lot of time and love put into that building. Seeing it go was necessary, but sad for many of us. After that, we were blessed with a friend. Mr. Carlson from Carlson’s Appliance, who worked with us and the City Of New Hope to get us into a new old building. It was right across the street from the Little Yellow House. Today we call this our home. Come and join us for a meeting and fellowship. The coffee is always on and you are always welcomed.