Covid-19 Updates

Current Hours

These are the best times to reach us in person or by telephone at 763-537-7151. You may also ask us questions at any time by emailing us at

Monday through Sunday – 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, please see meeting list for other times.

**Please note that the evening hours may be subject to change depending on meeting times. Examples include Saturday evenings when the only meeting is at 7:30 pm or other days when the meetings end earlier than 9 pm. Please review meeting times for the day you want to attend, thank you!

Meeting Information

Please review the Meetings page for a list of squads that are currently meeting in person and/or on Zoom.

Website Update – New Business Minutes/Meetings and COVID-19 Sections! 12/20/20

In order for all members and visitors to stay updated on what is currently happening at New Hope Alano, we have now made our board and squad leader meeting minutes available in the new Business Minutes and Meetings tab!

Pledges, Squad Rent and Donations Information

We wanted to let you know that you can still send us your pledges, squad rent and donations to us, thank you to the squads and people that are already doing this! Please include your name, squad information and payment type with the cash or check, our address is:

New Hope Alano
7550 Bass Lake Road
New Hope, MN 55428

Thank you for your consideration, we hope to see you soon!

Building Use During COVID-19 – Updated 3/16/21

  • We will be open for fellowship outside board member duty hours of 6pm to 9pm including card games, sponsor/sponsee meetings and other general socializing.
    • In order to maintain cleaning requirements, squad duty for active in-person squads will be returning effective tomorrow on March 17, 2021. We will discuss this more at the April 13th Squad Leader’s Meeting, please have your squad leader or a squad member attend. We will have squads volunteering until that date, if your squad is interested please see a board member or email
    • Pledging members with one year of sobriety who are current may purchase a new key for $20. We will exchange old keys at no cost if pledges are current.
    • Safety requirements of sanitizing, 6ft social distancing, capacity requirements and masks are still required to be followed.
    • Coffee service will resume with disposable cups.
    • Action and Activities and kitchen activities will remain tabled for now.
    • Other food consumption will not be allowed inside.
    • We will be moving some tables back into the building.
    • Speaker Meeting – Tabled to April.