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"Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety." Read the AA Preamble

General Speaker Meeting -

The speaker meetings on Tuesday at 8pm have a wide variety of outstanding speakers. We recognize length of sobriety and we have a raffle to win AA approved books and pamphlets. Then we have a 5 minute speaker to give testimony as to how it was and how it is now. Someone reads “How it Works”. After the main speaker, we have fellowship time where the club provides donuts and coffee.

Actions & Activities Meeting- 

Next meeting October 2, 2018
Held the first Tuesday of the
month at 7 PM. All A&A reps
must attend. Everyone is
welcome to come to plan and 
discuss upcoming activities.

2018 Board Members

President: Anita P.
Vice President: Kevin K.
Treasurer: Paul S.
Vice Treasurer: Deanna A.
Secretary: Dolly L.
A&A: JoAnne M.
Maintenance: Greg K.


 - Club Membership
Contact your Squad Treasurer or obtain a pledge card from on top of the bookcase or in the office. A pledge of $7.00 per month (or more) is suggested.
Dues must be current to vote in the election for board members